How To Deal With Dental Anxiety And Fear

Dealing With Dental Anxiety And Fear

Fear of the dentist is a very common thing.

For many people, the thought a person in a white coat sticking gloved hands into their mouth while a bright light shines in their eyes is enough to induce a full on panic attack. Sometimes, a negative association is formed when parents use the dentist as a threat to enforce tooth brushing. Painful or scary dental experiences in early childhood also can contribute to lifelong phobias. However, there is no need to be afraid any longer. If you suffer from dental anxiety, read on for some tips to swallow your fear and face the dentist.

patient with dentistOne important thing to remember when …

dental dread sets in is that dentistry has come a long way over the last couple of decades. What was an unpleasant experience in the past is now virtually painless. Technological advancements have given us a number of improvements in dentistry. Needles for injecting numbing agents are so thin they can’t be felt, whereas in the past they were fat and intimidating, and dull enough to be painful. New medications can numb gums very effectively, making a once painful process completely pain free.

Another thing to consider is …

that there are plenty of modern distractions that did not exist in the past. Put some music or an audio-book or podcast on your smart phone or mp3 player, and bring a pair of ear buds. Being distracted from a procedure that is already painless can make it seem like it’s over in moments. Close your eyes while listening, and numbing agents will make it seem like you aren’t even at the dentist. Some dentist offices are even investing in virtual reality headsets that allow you to see an immersive video while having your teeth worked on. By numbing your sense of pain and engaging your other senses elsewhere, dentist procedures become possible to almost entirely ignore.

If you still have anxiety about …dental exam room

a dentist visit to the point that you are delaying scheduling an appointment, remember that the dentist is a person who should be happy to talk to you. Calling your dentist and discussing your anxiety can be a great way not only to soothe your fears, but also to come up with proactive solutions. By telling your dentist what it is that bothers you about dentist visits, they can learn what triggers your anxieties and avoid making you uncomfortable. Dentists want you to feel safe and comfortable, and having a chat with them about how to accomplish that will help both of you accomplish that.

Many of us have memories of the dentist office being painful, unpleasant, or downright scary. However, this really does not reflect modern dentistry. The latest dental technology makes dentistry safe and virtually painless. Furthermore, entertainment technology today makes it possible to close your eyes and go to your own world while dental work is being done.

Don’t delay; talk to your dentist today about how you can work together to deal with your dental anxiety.

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