Porcelain-Inlays and their Rising Popularity

Exactly What Are Porcelain-Inlays and Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

If you’ve ever attended one of those success seminars you probably already understand the importance of body language. That’s where people read the way you stand, move your arms as you talk, where your eyes look, and your smile as you talk. Having a good, clean smile that has straight teeth and no large gaps is important for those that wish to succeed in many types of businesses. Plus, when a person knows that they have bad teeth, even those that don’t show, they will automatically try not to smile or cover their mouth when they do. This is horrible body language and the only way to rectify it is with a visit to the dentist, especially a cosmetic dentist, and get the problems taken care of.

When Teeth Decay, Amalgam Fillings Are The Usual First Repair Procedure

Dentist's ToolsDrilling out the decayed area and putting in some kind of metallic filling is the most common way to repair a tooth when it has been damaged by decay. The problem with filling a tooth is that the bond between the original tooth and the fill material isn’t very strong and the final product is a weaker tooth than before. This can lead to broken teeth in the future and more repair work having to be done. In addition to that, most fillings are fairly ugly, they don’t match the tooth color at all and are very obvious if they are near the front teeth especially when you’re laughing or smiling.

Porcelain-inlays, on the other hand, are a different story. In making an inlay, the dentist will still drill and clean out all of the decayed tooth material but instead of filling it with the normal metal fill, the dentist will take careful x-rays and measurements and then place an order to a dental inlay lab where the actual inlay is made to order. Then, when you return to the dentist for a later visit, the dentist will bond the dental-inlay to the tooth with industrial grade epoxy cement.

This results in a tooth that is much stronger, 50 to 75% stronger, than those filled the old-fashioned way.

These teeth are able to withstand more chewing force than even the original tooth and much more than a filled tooth. Plus, since the inlay is made to be a color match to the original teeth in your mouth, they’re completely invisible, appearing to be natural in every way.


People That Are Self-Conscious Are Getting Their Metal Amalgams Replaced

There are plenty of people that have been hiding their smiles for decades and now hardly realize they do it. With a visit to a good cosmetic dentist, those ugly metal fillings can all be replaced by beautiful porcelain-inlays that will last nearly the rest of their life.

If you haven’t investigated getting your smile returned to its natural beauty lately, you might be surprised at how reasonable many procedures have become.

The technology has been streamlined and automated so that the labs make more precise inlay products in a fraction of the time. That results in a lower price and better product for the end users and everyone can usually afford to get their smile rejuvenated to its original beauty.

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