Porcelain Crowns or Caps – How to Choose

Do You Need Porcelain Crowns or Caps?

We all want to ensure that we are taking the best care of our oral health as we possibly can. This may require a number of different factors, including going to a dentist on a regular basis for checkups. Although taking care of our teeth by brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist may be beneficial, there may be times when additional work is needed. In most cases, this is going to involve some type of cosmetic dentistry and your dentist may refer you to a specialist, such as a cosmetic dentist.

woman with porcelain crownsCosmetic dentistry typically involves some type of …

dental work that will affect the appearance of the teeth in a positive way but it will not necessarily affect how your teeth work. It may involve the teeth themselves as well as the gums or your bite. There are many different things that a cosmetic dentist can do to improve the way that your teeth look but one of the options that are often considered is a porcelain crown, sometimes referred to as a cap.

Rather than fixing the tooth directly, a porcelain crown …

covers the tooth so that it appears to be completely repaired. In addition, porcelain crowns also help to strengthen the structure of the teeth when they are unable to be restored through other forms of restoration, such as a filling. Crowns are made from a number of different types of materials but the one that is often chosen because it is durable and looks like your natural teeth is porcelain.

There may be a number of different reasons why you need to have this type of cosmetic dentistry done.

In many cases, it is due to damage that occurred to the tooth, such as when the tooth is broken or fractured. Some individuals may eventually need to have a porcelain crown put into place because they have large fillings and the integrity of the tooth has been compromised. Decayed teeth may also need a crown and if you have a root canal, you will likely have to have a crown in order to protect the tooth from damage.

Typically, you will have to have a minimum of …

two appointments in order to get a porcelain crown. During the first appointment, molds will be taken of the teeth to ensure that they have a very accurate record of their size and shape. A crown is customized according to your specific needs. In addition, you may have a temporary crown put into place on the initial visit but it is only made to last a couple of weeks until the dental laboratory finishes with the permanent crown.

The tooth will also be prepared for the crown by removing any existing decay and there may be some shaping of the surface that takes place during this time. It is on the second appointment, however, when the cosmetic dentist will remove the temporary crown, clean the underlying tooth structure and put the permanent crown into place. Tests will then be done to ensure that an accurate fit has been achieved.

There you go, you will then have your smile back, good as new.

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